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Little Engines is pleased to provide a wide array of Oils, detail parts, fittings, valves, accessories, lubricators and more, to complete and compliment the construction and detailing of your locomotive.

This comprehensive list will be added to from time to time as more products become available and if you are looking for something you don't see listed here please contact us.

Please note: Oil will only be shipped via ground shipping services

Be sure to check out the 2-1/2" scale product page for our 2-1/2" scale parts and accessories. For pricing, technical specifications or to check stock send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OIL: Sold by the Quart

Item Description
SAP320 Green Velvet SAPON-A-MAX 320 Cylinder Oil Quart
PBJ220 Green Velvet PB&J 220 Bearing Oil Quart (for Pins, bearings, journals and valve motion)
PBJ460 Green Velvet PB&J 460 Bearing Oil Quart (for Pins, bearings, journals and valve motion)


Item Description
ML5 Dual Ram Mechanical Lubricator Right Side Mount
ML5R Dual Ram Mechanical Lubricator Left Side Mount
ML4 Single Ram Mechanical Lubricator Right Side Mount
ML4R Single Ram Mechanical Lubricator Left Side Mount
GITS102 'GITS' Straight Oil Cup 10-32
GITS 1201 'GITS' Elbow Oil Cup 10-32
DLU1 Displacement Lubricator, Medium, 1/4-40 MTP
DLU2 Displacement Lubricator, Large, 5/15-40 MTP
DFO-4 Drip Feed Oiler 1.5" Tall x 1/4-40 Thread
OC-5-40 Oil Cup 5-40 Thread x 1/2", Brass


Item Description
P15-184 Cast Steel Loop Shank Cushion Coupler


Item Description
BKSTR-100 BK Stoker Cab Mounted Delivery Housing
BKSTR-110 Stoker Housing Bonnet Cover (Lost Wax)
BKSTR-200 BK Stoker Housing Ball Joint Cap
BKSTR-400 BK Stoker Main Crank Housing
BKSTR-300 BK Stoker Motor Engine Casting
BKSTR-310 Set of 4 lost Wax Engine Heads


Item Description
15-176MR 1-1/2" Scale Sand Cast Bell Set
BBK-1 1.5" Scale Baldwin Bell Kit/Unfinished (Lost Wax)
SKF-15 SKF Bearing Cover 1.5" Scale Lost Wax
TMK-15 TIMKEN Bearing Cover 1.5" Scale Lost Wax
GI Grab Iron Length: 1-7/16" Height: 3/8" (Lost Wax)
PBGHB Pilot Beam Gladhand Bracket (Lost Wax)
WOP 3/4" OD Dummy Washout Plugs-fit 5/8" holes in jacket (Lost Wax)
SBDSH Smoke Box Door Strap Hinge Set (Lost Wax)
HANDLE Lost Wax Handle
GRABIRON Lost Wax Grab Iron
SDCR Sand Dome Caps & Rings Lost Wax Brass (4 PC Set)
SPSDC SP Sand Dome Caps (Lost Wax)
PHS Pennsy Style Handrail Stantions (Lost Wax)
FME11-2A Branch Pipe Jacket Flanges
15-168 Sand cast Head light holder (similar to a Pyle National w/angled number boards)


Item Description
96S148 Baldwin Style tall flat top steam dome w/ hole 8-9" boilers
96S149 Baldwin Style tall sand dome 8-9" boilers
15-162 Early SP style steam dome 9-10" boilers
15-163 Early SP style sand dome 9-10" boilers
15-163M Tall oval Mikado/Pacific style sand dome 9-11" boilers
15-164 Square front steam turret housing 9-10" boilers
FME0-2 10" long squared oval sand dome and cover 10-12" boilers
FME0-3H Large Hudson style sand dome 10-12" boilers
FME0-4 Long round front steam turret housing 10-12" boilers
FME0-5 ALCO style short steam dome cover 10-12" boilers
FME0-6 Safety valve housing 10-12" boilers
15-165 Safety valve housing 9-10" boilers


Item Description
FME27-21 Road style large drop pilot
FME27-22 Pilot steps
15-35 Cast simulated boiler tube pilot
15-188 Cast tender steps
15-38 Drop shelf heavy duty front coupler pocket


Item Description
WG312 4 rod standard 1/2" Red line gauge glass with 5/16-27 tapped ends, approx. 2-7/8" viewing area
RLG3 Replacement 3" long 1/2" Diameter Red Line Duran glass
Z7000 Bob Dean Reflex Water Glass Assembly
Z7007 Replacement Glass for BOB DEAN Z700 Water Glass

PUMPS, casting kits & drawings for steam driven pumps

Item Description
15-100R Original Little Engines 1-1/2" scale Two Cylinder Feed Water Pump Kit
PVA/W-150 1-1/2" Scale Van Brocklin Duplex Air/Water Pump Casting Kit (Rough)
WPLW15 Single Cylinder Lost Wax Pump Casting Set - 3 pcs
AWP253BRASS 2.5/3" Scale Air/Water Pump Casting Kit in Brass
AWP253 2.5/3" Scale Air/Water Pump Casting Kit in cast Iron

PUMPS, axle

Item Description
A15-175-E Axle Pump Eccentric Castings
A15-175-ES Axle Pump Eccentric Strap Castings
A15-175B Axle Pump Body Casting


Item Description
LCL54 Set Steam Locomotive Classification Lamps (Right & Left) with Mounting
TML54T Set Tender Marker Lamps (Right & Left) with Mounting Bracket
CML83 Set Caboose Marker Lamps (Right & Left) with Mounting Hardward


Item Description
GAP3030F 3/4" Flanged Pressure Gauge 30psi, 90 Degree Sweep
GAP3060F 3/4" Flanged Pressure Gauge 60psi, 90 Degree Sweep
GAP3080F 3/4" Flanged Pressure Gauge 80psi, 90 Degree Sweep
GAP3100F 3/4" Flanged Pressure Gauge 100psi, 90 Degree Sweep
GAP3120F 3/4" Flanged Pressure Gauge 120psi, 90 Degree Sweep
GAP3150F 3/4" Flanged Pressure Gauge 150psi, 90 Degree Sweep
GAP4100F 1" Diameter Flanged Pressure Gauge 100psi 90 Degree Sweep
GAP4150F 1" Diameter Flanged Pressure Gauge 150psi 90 Degree Sweep
GAP4200F 1" Diameter Flanged Pressure Gauge 200psi 90 Degree Sweep
GAG200 1" All American Pressure Gauge, 200#..w/ syphon 270 degree sweep
GAG300 1" All American Pressure Gauge, 300#..w/ syphon 270 degree sweep


Item Description
GAC32F 3/4" Gauge, 30" Vacuum, Flanged Case
GAV42F 1" Gauge, 30"hg Vacuum, Flanged Case


Item Description
JW2R 1-1/2" x 11" 4 chime Whistle, Rough Casting
JW2M 1-1/2" x 11"RTR Whistle
RW2-3 2" Deluxe 3 Chime Steam Whistle
RW2-5 2" Deluxe 5 Chime Steam Whistle (CB&Q)
JW3R 2" Diameter Whistle Rough Casting
JW3M 2" Diameter Standard 4 chime RTR Whistle


Item Description
SBX-30 Cab mounted cast steam turret


Item Description
SOCC125 Steam Operated Cylinder Cock 1/8 NPT
CCD8 Replacement Teflon disk 8 hole
CCD6 Replacement Teflon disk 6 hole (RRSC Style)


Item Description
OB-102 1-1/2" Scale Oil Burner


Item Description
WV125M Whistle Valve Assembly, 1/8 NPT
DV-150 1.5" Scale Baldwin Style Drifting Valve 1/8" NPT
BVL4 1/4-40 MPT Ball Valve, Brass
BVL5 5/16 MTP Ball Valve Brass
CVL6 Lubricator Check Valve


Item Description
UN181 1/8-56 Union, Brass
UN361 3/16-40 Union, Brass
UN141 1/4-40 Union, Brass
UN561 5/16-27 Union, Brass
UN561 5/16-40 Union, Brass


Item Description
UNM361 3/16-40 M/F Union, Brass
UNM141 1/4-40 M/F Union, Brass
UN5M61 5/16-27 M/F Union, Brass


Item Description
NIP3611 3/16-40 MTP Close Nipple
NIP1411 1/4-40 MTP Close Nipple
NIP5611 5/16-27 MTP Close Nipple


Item Description
NIP3621 3/16-40 MTP Long Nipple
NIP1421 1/4-40 MTP Long Nipple
NIP5621 5/16-27 MTP Long Nipple


Item Description
RBU361 3/16-40 x 1/4-40 MTP Reducing Bushing
RBU141 1/4-40 x 5/16-27 MTP Reducing Bushing
RBU561 5/16-27 x 1/8 MTP Reducing Bushing


Item Description
QDC250 Quick Disconnect for air or Water Line 1/4"
QDC312 Quick Disconnect for air or Water Line 5/16


Item Description
SV125 Safety Valve 1/8 NPT
SV250 Safety Valve 1/4 NPT


Item Description
STEJ Steam Vacuum Ejector


Item Description
#11 Frog #11 Frog Casting (Ductile Iron)
#8 Frog #8 Frog Casting (Ductile Iron)